Optimizing Dental Function

Blending aesthetics with function is the science behind Our Dental Home. Creating an attractive smile is only one aspect. Equally important are the relationship of your teeth to each other and your jaw. Since teeth typically exert pressures in the range of 200 to 250 lbs. per square inch when chewing, it is easily evident why the proper relationships are very important to long term success and comfort.


As seen in many other aspects of design and engineering, having the proper structure or foundation is the first step. Then the details are added, with proportions and pressures working in harmony with all that was before. Finally, all must function well singly and also as a whole.

Now, for the obvious. Some people have the good underlying structure naturally. Others do not. Usually, by the time a person reaches adulthood, they have an idea that something might be a little “off”. Unusually worn teeth, headaches, stiff neck and shoulders, clenching during the day, or grinding teeth at night are common complaints. The relationship of the teeth to each other affects the various pressures exerted on individual teeth, and pressures exerted on the joints and muscles of the jaw. As time goes by, these pressures take their toll.

Whenever dentistry is done, it can affect your bite. Our doctors are able to analyze and equilibrate (balance) the way you bite before a restoration is done. This allows for maximum comfort after your new dentistry is in place. We have found that this extra step helps our patients achieve comfort and function with minimal adjustments.

Many times the problems associated with improper function, wear from grinding and clenching, and popping of the jaw joint can be improved upon or eliminated. Our goal is to create a better/more comfortable oral environment for you by optimizing the function of your teeth, joint and muscles.