Full Arch Replacements

Dental Implants for a Full Arch

“Dentures are not a substitute for teeth.  

Dentures are a substitute for NO teeth.”

If you are considering dental implants, you are well aware of the problems and changes dentures cause in your life, so we won’t discuss that here. Instead, we’ll discuss the improvements dental implants can make.


Dental implants are anchored solidly to your jaw. You no longer have the many annoyances caused by movement and slippage. Since an implant supported denture relies on the implants instead of the bony ridge for support, you will minimize any adjustments and relines to which you are accustomed.

For full arch missing teeth, most people have two good options for dental implants. The first is to have single dental implants to replace each missing tooth. This is the best solution for most people. It is the closest approximation to natural teeth available. The posts act as your tooth roots did to stimulate the bone. This can stop the bone from receding. Care is the same as for natural teeth. You brush them and floss close to the gum line. Although you never have to worry about cavities in dental implants, maintaining gum health is important.

The second option is a bar overdenture. Five or more posts are implanted which serve as anchors in the bone. To this, a bar is attached. The special denture snaps to the bar. This provides the stability that a normal denture is unable to give. You are able to snap the special denture in and out for cleaning. Also, our hygienist has special instruments to clean your dental implants during your routine preventative visits. The advantage of the bar overdenture over single implants is cost. The advantages of the bar overdenture over regular dentures are many!

Single Dental Implant
Single Dental Implant
Several Dental Implants Supporting a Bar Overdenture
Several Dental Implants Supporting a Bar Overdenture

Steps: The first step, if you are interested in dental implants, is a consultation and exam with Dr. Snodgrass. There are many factors involved since this is a very individualized procedure. He will analyze the type and amount of bone you have available because that makes a difference in the approach taken. When he has gathered the information he needs, he will share it with you and provide options for you to consider. Together, you will be able to make a plan that will best meet your needs.

Since Dr. Snodgrass has had extensive training and experience in dental implant procedures, usually both placement and restoration are able to be done at Our Dental Home. This provides continuity of care and peace of mind for you since everything is done in the same location by the same doctor and staff you have grown to know and trust. From beginning to finish, dental implants take approximately six months. Just imagine the changes that could happen in your life within the next year!


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