Restorative Dental Solutions

“True appreciation too often comes after the loss.”

Loss is something we all hear about. The interesting thing is that when loss is related to dentistry, the comments are seldom about teeth. The comments are about the loss of an aspect of life–eating, speaking, laughing, smiling, confidence with others. The inability to live life as fully.


Although some losses in life are irreversible, if the loss is related to teeth usually there is a solution. And solutions are often not only able to restore the function of your teeth, but many times are more beautiful than your originals!

Providing restorative solutions is very gratifying for us. We love to hear about the thrill of being able to eat corn-on-the-cob again, or the forgotten pleasure of dining on steak in a favorite restaurant. Or the excitement of a lady who realizes she needs to break a habit of covering her mouth when she laughs, and has discovered she can “smile as big as I feel”. We love knowing we are not just restoring teeth, but helping people regain a part of life they miss.

Restorative solutions obviously vary with the individual. Restorations may be new dental work or can replace existing dental work, such as improving the smile by changing black fillings to white restorations.

Initially, there is an exam and diagnosis appointment. Then you will have a consultation with your doctor, and the two of you will develop a plan that includes your priorities, needs, and also time frame to complete the work. Some people want to get all the work done as soon as possible, so they can enjoy the results immediately. Others wish to do the work in stages. The plan you and your dentist develop together will map out what will be done at each phase. Some dentistry will have a higher priority, so will be done first. Other dentistry can wait, so will be done at a later phase. This is a wonderful way to get dentistry done so it fits well within a budget. However, if you really want to get the dentistry done soon AND need to fit it in your budget, we have a very good financing option available.

You will find our doctor and staff friendly, supportive, and very interested in your comfort, needs, and desires. We do not dwell on the past, but rather desire to help you achieve a better future. Thinking about how your life will be in five or ten years if you make no changes, versus how it could be, may help you make the decision to contact us. We want you to experience a full, wonderful life!