Preventative Care

Preventative care is best for you in every way. It saves time, effort, inconvenience, possible discomfort, and money. Our aim is for every patient to get to the point of optimal dental health, and maintain with ongoing preventative care.

Our hygienist is your partner for the routine maintenance of your mouth. She can answer questions as well as give advice and instruction on oral hygiene care and products. She performs the “cleaning” portion of your routine preventative visit. Registered Dental Hygienists are specially trained to recognize and treat gum disease. With over 88% of the population experiencing some form of gum disease, the importance of these regular check-up visits cannot be overstated. Gum disease starts out with no obvious symptoms or signs. The end result without intervention are loose teeth lacking support that fall out. Our hygienist will routinely check for “pockets”(where gum tissue is eroding away from the teeth). Our hygienist will also do an oral cancer screen. Periodically, an x-ray will be done to check the insides of your teeth and the spaces between your teeth for cavities. An x-ray can also show problems at the roots of teeth, as well as many other situations unable to be seen with only the exam. For your safety and peace of mind, Our Dental Home uses digital x-ray which exposes the patient to the least amount of radiation. (If you have concern about x-rays and radiation, all team members will discuss your options with you. We are here to serve YOU.)

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Preventative care catches small problems while they are still small. Although there are occasional situations where a “watch and wait” attitude is appropriate, most problems are best dealt with as soon as they are realized. Otherwise you are “watching and waiting” the problem grow, become more complicated to fix, and inevitably become more inconvenient and costly.

For the average person, we recommend that you have a visit with our hygienist every six months for preventative care.

Preventative care gives you peace of mind and a healthy mouth.