Marshall T. Snodgrass, D.D.S.
Dr. Snodgrass

Dr. Marshall Snodgrass has lived on his farm in Webster County with his wife and children for around 20 years. Now he has brought his dentistry “home” also. During his 39 years of dental practice, he has worked in many different situations–as an Air Force dentist, in solo private practice, in a group practice, and most recently as an employee for a large national corporation after he sold them his Springfield practice. “I guess I’ve practiced dentistry in just about every imaginable way”, he laughs. “Now I’m enjoying my favorite situation–a small office, treating my neighbors.”

Dr Snodgrass brought to Marshfield a wide array of dental technique experience. He graduated with distinction from the University of Missouri Kansas City in 1977.But that was “just the beginning” of his education. In addition to general dentistry procedures, he has received extensive training and has years of hands-on experience in dental implants, full mouth restorations, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, sedation dentistry, as well as numerous surgical procedures. “I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, so learning more and better ways has always been part of the way I practice. It has kept dentistry interesting for me, and I know my patients have benefited. That is what makes it so enjoyable”, he explains.

When asked what has attributed to his success over the years, Dr. Snodgrass shared, “Well, although being able to provide good solutions to complex dental problems is very much part of it, I think that the way we see and treat each patient as an individual–a complete individual–not just “a mouth”, is very important. When the patient realizes we care about how comfortable they are, and that their entire experience with us is pleasant, it goes a long way toward developing the long-term relationship we’d like them to have with us. Many of my existing patients first came to me right after I left the military. So often, I feel like friends—not just patients, are coming to visit. I think that is wonderful for everyone!”